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So Great!-----Chinese Silk

Since ancient time, the silk fiber has been enjoying the reputation of the Queen of fibers. Now, people started giving it a good name as: Healthy Fiber. Silk fiber is made of cellular albumen, there are 18 kinds of aminophenol inside the silk fiber which the humans body needs, aminophenols inside the silk fiber are almost the same as our human beings skin, therefore the silk fiber enjoys another good reputation as the second skin of human being. Sleeping on the silk not only will let you feel comfortable, luxury, silky, will let you feel satisfied, calm, to shorten the time period to get asleep, you will feel it is warm in the winter, and cool in the summer, but also will let you defend the possible attacks of various bacterias, will let the cells of your skin activize, speeding the metabolism od skin cells. Silk fiber has its own good moisture absorbing and breathing, so it has the functions to adjust your body temperature and moisture. Once you have tried silk bedding you will never want to sleep on and in anything else.

The followings are some washing and careness instructions:
  • Please wash the silk bedding products in similar colors.
  • Silk polluted by sweat should be washed as soon as possible.
  • Wash silk in the water with not more than 40.
  • Please use neutral or low alkali scour when washing the silk.
  • Please dont brush the silk with any brush.
  • Machine wash with low temperature in soft gear.
  • Tumple dry low temperature not more than 40.
  • Iron the silk with temperature 100~150 when the silk is 80 to 90% dry.

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